Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Poetry Help

So I am guessing I am making this poetry thing harder then it really is but sometimes I seem to have writers block or just plain difficulty getting started.

Any tips or suggestions to help is greatly appreciated. I know we have some experts out there that could provide some feedback and coaching, and believe me I am open to it.

I have to say this challenge is really fun....maybe we should try to find other monthly challenges thru the year :)


  1. I think you're doing great with "this poetry thing," but there is a ton of help available all around. You can google "poems" or "poetry" or "poetry for children" and find all kinds of information and even interactive poem-writing forms/games/etc. Rhyming dictionaries and thesauruses and good places to look for inspiration. Also, I find that when I get stuck, it helps to look up a definition for a poetry form (last year I did cinquains) and see if I can write one of those. And if you just find yourself rhyming when talking to your kiddo? I count that. I'd post that. Did that help?

  2. it sure did....i was just rhyming to the little man on the way to school...made no sense but he loved it...i will be sure not to discount that. thanks for the help :)

  3. I get stuck all the time. The trick is to write in spit of it. I like Mommy's Nintendo's idea of looking up and learning a new form.