Monday, April 27, 2009

What did you say?

Wrong: "You make the rice, I'll Make the gravy"
Right: " You may be right, I may be crazy"
Song / Artist: "You May Be Right" / Billy Joel

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What did you say?

Wrong: "Oooh, killer bee now"
Right: "Who can it be now"
Song/Artist: "Who can it be now?" / Men at Work

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Bye Lady

I want to share with everyone that I am sure there will be a delay in my posting for the next few days.

Today I made arrangements for our beautiful Lady. In an effort to ease her pain and suffering, this Friday we will be taking Lady to the vet and saying our good byes.

Lady has truly help heal our family over these years. Rob and I have been married for 13 years now and the year prior to our marriage he lost his mother and then brother 4 months after.

Rob also lost his ability and desire to love anyone or anything until Lady came in our life. Now with her help and time our family is very open and loving again. We even made it to a point where we could begin to have children and extend our love and family.

This time will not be easy I am sure but with the support of our friends, family and faith we will be able to continue on.

May God embrace her into his kingdom so that she may run and play in the sun again.
We love and will miss Lady very much.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lady "Bug"

Lady -the best friend in the world
A healer she has been for our family
Dearly loved by all
You will always be in our hearts

Unwaivering loyalty
God Bless Lady Bug

Our family is in the process of preparing for the loss of our "puppy" Lady. While she has given us the best 12 years anyone could ask for we believe her time has come.

Please keep Lady and our family in your thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Want

There is something burning inside

that I really want to do.

Something that I know in my heart will make me deeply happy.

I believe I have a gift and I want to share it so badly.

Deep inside my core......I am a baker!

When I wake in the morning, and all thru the day,

even in my dreams all I want to do is bake.

Bake what? Anything!

Some folks think I am dreaming when I talk about

going to pastry school and opening my own shop.

They say

You have no time, no money, and nothing to get started

I wish they would stop.

What about what I want?

I want to be a pastry chef.

I want to open my own bakery.

I want to make it work.

I guess what I want more then anything

is for those who say they don't doubt me, but really do

To just show a little encouragement

and help me thru.

I can do this, there has to be a way

I will open my bakery one day.

Day Care Drop Off

I drop him off
each and everyday
I turn to see if he cries
when I walk away

At first he would cry
when Mommy would leave
Now the look on his faces
says Mommy leave me be

He plays all day
with his many friends
I wonder if he wishes
his day would never end

No matter how much fun
is showing in his grin
He is always excited
when Mommy walks in

He runs to Mommy
so happy to see her
but can't wait till tomorrow
when he goes back to day care

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Poetry Help

So I am guessing I am making this poetry thing harder then it really is but sometimes I seem to have writers block or just plain difficulty getting started.

Any tips or suggestions to help is greatly appreciated. I know we have some experts out there that could provide some feedback and coaching, and believe me I am open to it.

I have to say this challenge is really fun....maybe we should try to find other monthly challenges thru the year :)

No Regrets

Another day is here
A chance for us to rise and shine.

Embrace the newness of the day
and let the old fade away.

Each day we awake
is another chance to make
the best life we possibly can.

Remain positive as challenges come our way
And know we will get thru this and tomorrow is another day.

Make the best of the moments we have
They go by so fast.

Enjoy each day you are given
and live it like it's your last.

No regrets!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What did you say?

Hope you enjoy this weeks misheard lyric.

Wrong: "Hey there amigo!"
Right "Hey where did we go?"
Song/Artist: "Brown Eyed Girl / Van Morrison

The Meehoo with an Exactlywatt by Shel Silverstein

Knock knock!
Who's there?
Me who?

That's right!
What's right?
That's what I want to know!

What's what you want to know?
Me, WHO?
Yes, exactly!
Exactly what?
Yes, I have an Exactlywatt on a chain!

Exactly what on a chain?
Yes what?
No, Exactlywatt!

That's what I want to know!
I told you - Exactlywatt!
Exactly WHAT?
Yes what?

Yes, it's with me!
What's with you?
Exactlywatt - that's what's with me.
Me who?


Knock knock...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wish Come True - Research

I have received the paperwork on the child and family I will be working with through the Make-A-Wish foundation.

The medical condition has been listed as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. This is new to me so I am currently doing some research to better understand the condition prior to meeting with the child.

If anyone knows of any good websites to assist in this research / data gathering please to not hesitate to let me know.

It will probably be another 2 weeks or so before I actually can meet with the family.

This should be fun and exciting. I will keep y'all updated!

My Poem

In discussing the April poem challenge presented by Mommy's Nintendo with my husband last night he actually contributed his own poem.

Now my husband usually isn't much for this kind of thing, however; since he shared his poem with me I thought it would be cool to share with you.

My Poem - (by Rob)

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Some poems rhyme,
Some don't.

I hope you have enjoyed this inspirational and insightful poem contributed by my husband.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Do Your Best and Forget the Rest!

This is the start of something new,
A chance for me to write a poem for you.

I have no idea what I am doin,
Hope the poem challenge, I do not ruin.

Please don't expect my poems to be a work of art,
Just know the words I write are from the heart.

As my workout trainer says,
"Do your best and forget the rest!"