Thursday, February 26, 2009

My First Time

So her I into the world of blogging. I love to read the blog of others and thought how hard can it be.

I am not too sure how many folks will be interested in reading this however I do have a son who is now a little older then a year so I am bound to have some interesting stories to tell.

So I guess I should tell you a little about me. I am a work from home mother of 1 with the most wonderful husband ever. I enjoy baking, bowling, crafts and spending time with my family.

In my spare time I am a volunteer for Make-A-Wish Foundation as a wish granter. This is an amazing organization doing the most awesome things to help children with life threatening illnesses experience the power of a wish. It is very rewarding. Considering my family is blessed with health and happiness, it is only right that I do what I can to help others experience the same...even if just for a moment but the memories last a lifetime.

My goal is to post once per week. Lets see how that goes :)

So here is to the new blogger...wish me luck and I hope you enjoy