Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bye Bye Sirius

A couple of years ago my husband gave me Sirius Satellite Radio with a 3 year subscription. Well it has ran out and with no notice I was charged for another 3 years...more $$$$ then I wanted to pay.

When I called their customer service department refunded me the money and gave me free service until I could decide what plan I did want to go with. We figured we really don't need to spend the money and they were giving it to us for free so we would listen until the service was turned off.

Well after about 4 months of free service they turned it off yesterday. Husband listens to the comedy channel in his car since he has my old car and I listen on the computer while I am working. We are now back to listening to music the old fashioned way....with commercials :(

The good news is when I lived in Ohio they had a rock station that I loved. I couldn't find anything like it when I lived in Atlanta and now FL. So thanks to the wonderful world of technology and me being to cheap to pay for satellite radio any longer I am now back to listening to my OH music and just as happy....maybe even more since it is FREE!!

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