Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is it normal? Behaviors of a 16 month old.

OK...I am new to this Mommy thing. I thought my son who is 16 months old was a genius until recently.

First he comes home one day and grabs a hold of my purse. He puts it over his shoulder and walks with his arm up in such a way it doesn't let the purse fall off of his shoulder. This I am pretty sure is normal however.......

I was watching him the other day and he has started to smack himself in the face and head. Sometimes it is one handed, sometimes it is both. It also doesn't seem to matter if he has a sippy cup in his hand or not. The other day I was sitting with him in the back seat of the car when he hit himself in the forehead with the cup. He then turned to look at me and started crying. The only thing I could do was ask him "what did you do that for".

My husband says we should not make a big deal about it and he will eventually wonder why he keeps hitting himself in the head. Like I said I thought he was really a genius until now.

Is this normal behavior? I am guessing he saw someone do it in his classroom at "school" (daycare) and thought it was funny.

Then yesterday the teacher turned her head away for one second and when she turned back my son was standing on top of the bookshelf banging a couple of toys together like he was playing the drums or something. He is very adventurous and has NO FEAR at all.

Keeping up with him keeps me on my toes. He is truly the best son I could have ever asked for. Being a mommy is the hardest job I have ever had but the most rewarding. I wouldn't change a thing.

I am sure we will continue to have many more stories to come. Hopefully the behavior he is demonstrating is not only normal but temporary.

Wish me luck as I continue down the road of Mommy and any advise you have is greatly appreciated.


  1. Oh! That's hysterical!! He sounds exactly perfect and normal to me. I bet your pediatrician would say not to worry about him smacking himself unless it becomes dangerous. He probably needs a little extra sensory stimulation. If you're super worried, it can't hurt to call his doctor, though...

    He has to be a genius. Look at his genes!! My girls have the same ones, and they're both rocket scientists (most of the time)...


  2. I think you are right about it being normal. The doctor did say at the last visit that he has plenty of stimulation and is on the right track. Actully he said you can't even tell that he was born 30 days early. I guess you are also right about it being in the genes. I just love our genius children ;)