Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Back! Make-A-Wish Updates

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything and I apologize.

Things have been moving very quickly these days and now I am back to making a little time for me.

I am now working on granting my 2nd wish for a 15 year old girl named Charlette. The medical condition Charlette has been diagnosed with is Von Willebrand.

Von Willebrand disease is a bleeding disorder that affects your blood's ability to clot.

Soon I will be meeting with Charlette and her family to uncover exactly what it is she would like for her wish. That is the most fun part of all. Think about it....if someone asked you what one wish would you like to have granted what would it be? How Fun!

Alex who is the wish child for the 1st wish I was assigned and am still working on is very excited to be preparing for her week long vacation at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.

Soon all of the arrangements for Alex's trip will be secure and we will be planning her Bon Voyage party. I am thinking that I am going to make the cake for the party and do it in a beach kinda theme. As you may or may not know baking is my passion and my true love. Cake decorating has become my new hobby. I wanna be like Duff for those Ace of Cake fans out there :) I have a great design in mind and can't wait to make it come to life.

No matter what is going on in life and what challenges I face, I find that the work with the Make-A-Wish (MAW) Foundation helps me stay grounded and focused.

Soon I will be starting my training to become part of the speakers bureau for MAW. I will be spending my time helping to educate people through various speaking engagements about the MAW Foundation. I have been in the education division of a major financial institution for many years now and part of those years were spent in the classroom teaching. While I am still in education I do miss my days of speaking / teaching. This will help me give back while fulfilling a personal enjoyment. It's a win-win in my mind.

I will continue to keep you updated with the progress on these wishes.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!!!!!

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